Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getcher Glitter on!

Since I stayed up past midnight last night making labels and starting the blog I decided I had earned the day off and went and played with my Fly Chick Cheryl from Vacherie, LA.  Cheryl was on a mission to finish a project she started of making Mardi Gras wreaths for all of her doors. Yes, it's that time of year here when the gaudy comes out (where else is purple gold and green the coolest thing since sliced bread?) We set off for the hobby stores to find the bits and pieces needed to complete her project and before you knew it we had a cart...Why is that you say? Well, I still feel guilty for not decorating for Christmas this year.  I got the tree out, set the tree up but it never was decorated and by the time I got back from Christmas camping it just didn't make any sense to have a reminder of what I did not finish...*note to self* add completion of projects to New Year's Resolutions list.

I am a creative person but I have never been one to do the decorating kinda thing.  My Christmas tree is like a life story with ornaments made and collected over the years and each one tells a story of that year, mostly about raising my Sun and flying...lots of planes, parachutes, blimps, helicopters, tools and tool boxes.  You don't think much about the tree until you get close to it. And the lovely pearl garland....well it's Mardi Gras beads carefully broken and melted together to make swags...maybe I am decorative?

This is what the Mardi Gras aisle looks like if you have never seen it (Please notice the black and gold Fleur de lis cause the Saints are rocking this year!)

This is the bounty of our trip (notice the lovely jars of yummy Lemon Jelly, that's called Prah duct Place mint).  Cheryl assures me that if I can fix a helicopter and fly a plane I can make a wreath but I have my doubts. Although as I look at the glitter on my keyboard from messing with that stuff I am encouraged to Get My Glitter On! (What will the boyfriend think?!)

So next week this Mardi Gras saga will be continued with the actual making of the wreaths. (It may or may not require wine.)

Good thing I found these Redneck Wine Goblets! (just can't pass up a good mason jar!)

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